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About Carbon Cold Rolled Steel Strip

Carbon Steel Strip has a very wide range of applications because it is particularly adaptable to low-cost techniques of metal forming such as presswork. These materials combine ease of fabrication with adequate strength.

High Carbon Steel

High Carbon Steel Strip is used in many other motor vehicle components as well as in basic everyday commodities such as secateurs and saw blades – as case-hardening steel, spring steel, or as micro-alloyed fine-grained steel.

High Carbon Steel Grades - This is based on the carbon contents levels of that coil which can range from CS70, CS80, CS95 & 125 CR1.

Tempers - A variety of different type of tempers are available to suit your requirements which are: Annealed Pinch Passed, Temper Rolled & Hard Rolled.

Applications - A lot of this type of material goes into are: Automotive, Bulldog Clips, Circlips, Hand Tools, Knife Blades and much more.

Low Carbon Steel

Manufacturers who use low carbon steel strip they find it extremely versatile this is due to its excellent workability and high toughness this material allows for the manufacturing of highly accurate precision parts.

Applications - Deep Drawing, Forming, Flat Blanking and much more.

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