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Talon Handy Hacksaw

The Handy Hacksaw is a tool suitable for smaller cutting operations. It's great advantage, when compared with a classic frame for metal cutting, the possibility to hold the handy hacksaw in one hand and the cut material in the other (free) hand.

The advantage over the mini hacksaw is that the handy hacksaw is intended not only for cutting small parts. The hacksaw blade is not limited by the upper part of the handle and thanks to this, cutting components with a diameter up to ca 120 mm is possible. Combined toothing enables cutting of a broad range of material, from wood to plastic and steel. The inserted hacksaw blades differ from common ones by having a third clamping hole and are available as a separate item.

These Handy Hacksaw Blades are double-sided with different teeth by inch on either side 14TPI/24TPI this is depending on what you need to cut. These blades can cut through:

  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Copper
  • Solid Foam