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CS70 Cold Rolled Steel

Why Use CS70 Material?

This grade is carbon steel with an average carbon content of 0.70%. Ben Bennett Jr. Ltd. are stockholders and suppliers of Carbon CS70 material going as wide 457.2mm.

The CS70 steel strip is supplied in wide coil form and this can be Slit to a fine slitting tolerance, Cut To Length & Hardened And Tempered all for your requirements. It is common for CS70 steel strip to be supplied in a different type of tempers, the most common ones are in Annealed or Hard Rolled, these are popular choices as they can be turned into just about any type of application.

The Range that we can achieve are:

  • Gauge - 0.10mm - 2.0mm
  • Width - 4.76mm - 457.2mm
  • Edges - Sheared or Dressed Round

Unique specifications are also available.

If you feel we could help then please don’t hesitate to contact us.