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Nature Tech (A Division Of Ben Bennett Jr. Ltd.)

The company Ben Bennett Jr Ltd have just recently purchased a former customer of our Grange Mill Quarry side of the business in a company called -Nature Tech in November 2023.

Ultra Dri products are sold only by agricultural merchants throughout the UK. They are delivered in 1 tonne batches, packed in 25 kg bags or, on occasion, the merchants’ own bags or buckets.

U – Unique blend of natural minerals
L – Livestock health & hygiene improver
T – Takes care of environment for stock & handlers
R – Remove soiled bedding & sprinkle – simple!
A – Absorbs moisture to reduce cell counts

D – Destroys breeding grounds of mastitis bacteria
R – Reduces smell & improves consistency of slurry
I – Improves conditions for ALL livestock – can be used for cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry & equines

Which “Ultra Dri” product is best for me?

Many farmers, smallholders and equestrians use absorbent bedding material to soak up excess moisture and to help to keep beds dry. Straw, sand or shavings beds are commonly used or rubber mats or mattresses, topped with a fine layer of the removable bedding. However, not all bedding materials are suitable for modern livestock housing.

Straw is not always ideal as it can block slats and form a thick crust on the slurry store. Shavings and sawdust can vary in grade from fine and dusty to abrasive, neither of which is ideal for livestock. In addition to this is the problem of the bedding being wet and slow to dry. This, of course, offers bacteria the ideal breeding environment. This is also where disinfectant powder comes into its own, both soaking up the moisture and killing the bacteria.

Sand is an effective deep bedding material as it doesn’t contain organic matter. However, neither is it very absorbent and, again, it can be very coarse and abrasive on firm beds. It is also unsuitable in most slurry systems.

Ultra Dri Disinfectant Powder

Ultra Dri is a general purpose absorbent, dry disinfectant powder with a pleasant aroma containing a DEFRA approved disinfect which enables it to act as an effective bactericide, fungicide and viricide.

Ultra Dri Extra

Equivalent to SCA Naturclean, Mistral, Dry Li.
Based on highly absorbent, natural minerals expecially for absorbing ammonia.
Non-irritating to livestock or handler.
Based on DEFRA approved disinfectant with twice the absorbency of Ultra Dri and 25% more disinfectant. Citrus aroma.

Ultra Dri Extra Plus

Equivalent product to Stalisan and Biosuper.
Contains DEFRA approved disinfectant.
A unique blend of ingredients with the capacity to absorb high levels of moisture, but, more importantly, ammonia from pig and poultry houses.
Draws moisture from bedding and the air.
Totally safe and may be applied in the presence of livestock.
Aromatic fine powder with higher absorbency than Ultra Dri and 50% more disinfectant.
Ideal for pigs and poultry.

If you require anymore infomation then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Contact details are as follows:

  • Contact - Charlie Barks

  • Tel - 01629 351408 / 07850 526667

  • Email Address - [email protected]


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