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There can be few companies with such an unswerving tradition of family involvement and commitment as Ben Bennett Jr. Ltd.

   The company can trace its origins back to 1883 when Mr Ben Bennett, an engineer, first went into business at the time that industry was beginning to gather momentum in South Yorkshire.

   Since that time, Ben Bennett Jr. Ltd. has embraced six generations of Bennetts working within the company-together with the changes brought by passing of a century.

   One thing that remined unchanged, however, is the family's fierce commitment to quality and craftsmanship which has ensured that the name Ben Bennett Jr. Ltd. is always synonymous with high standards.

   There can be no doubt that, as a family-owned and managed business, Ben Bennett Jr. Ltd. retains the personal touch which has resulted in the forging of many strong and enduring working relationships. Allied to this is a keen professionalism and awareness of customer needs which really does provide that ideal combination of superb service-with a smile!

   From automobile clutches to trimming knife blades, bulldog clips to saw blades, tolerance rings to clock springs, Ben Bennett Jr. Ltd. products find their way all over the world in consumer and industrial application-guaranteeing quality and providing a valuable competitive edge.