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CS95 Spring Steel

Why Use CS95 Material?

This grade is a carbon steel with an average carbon content of 0.95%. Ben Bennett Jr. Ltd. are stockholders and suppliers of Carbon, Mild & Hardened and Tempered spring steel strip.

This Material is used for springs, saws, clutch plates and much more. It is generally used where higher hardness’s and wear resistance is required or where a higher strength is required in lower thickness material. The strip is supplied in coil and can be cut into lengths for your requirements. It is common for CS95 steel strip to be supplied with a blue/black finish, this is achieved by going through our tempering furnance lines which we are able to achieve what VPN Hardness you may require with adjusting the temperatures and speed of our hardening lines. Also this matieral can be supplied with a sheared or a dressed safe edge to your required width. For spring applications it is recommended that CS95 hardened and tempered condition be used. If you wish just to have CS95 annealed or in hard bright carbon form this is also available in coil or cut to lengths aswell.

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