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Cold Rolled High Carbon Steel Strip

We stock a large range of carbon steels which can be slit to the customers requirement. We also have a wide range of excess offcuts which may be of interest.

The company adopts a progressive approach to incorporating new technology into production processes. A newly installed Slitting line, for example, is capable of offering fine slitting tolerances and minimum edge bow requirements. Detailed inspection and testing to customer requirements are maintained, and test certificates are supplied to British Standards.

High Carbon Steel Strip is valued for its strength properties and operates at significantly higher levels than the mild steel grades. In addition, it is capable of being through-hardened by heat treatment. Of these steels, the Company specializes primarily in the highest carbon grades, with carbon levels of 0.65% up to 1.05% embracing BS 1449: Part 1 1991 standard specifications CS70, CS80 and CS95. Internationally, these would be recognized as Euronorm EN 10132 grades C75S, C85S and C100S, and also AISI 1070, 1080 and 1095 grades.

High Carbon Steel Strip can be produced to a large variety of tensile strengths/hardnesses to suit the subsequent component-manufacturing processes and end-uses involved. The softened/annealed condition provides maximum deformability for more complex component shapes or, alternatively, lower relative wear on component-forming tools. In this condition hardnesses of 160 - 200 VPN (equivalent to tensile strength up to about 690 N/mm²) would be typical. Whilst processed in the softened condition, subsequent heat treatment can be applied to the components to achieve the final desired strength/hardness levels which could be as high as 650 VPN (tensile strength 2200 N/mm²) depending on the grade. Springiness properties are achieved with these steels, with hardnesses say 380 - 580 VPN (1280 - 1960 N/mm² tensile strength) whilst cutting blade properties of 500 - 650 VPN may also be developed.

High Carbon Steel Strip, in addition to being used in the annealed condition, also can be used in either hard cold-rolled or in a pre-hardened and tempered condition depending on the end-use component design and its means of fabrication. Hard cold-rolled hardness levels are typically 240 - 320 VPN (equivalent to tensile strengths of 824 - 1090 N/mm²) whilst the pre-hardened and tempered hardnesses range from 380 to 650 VPN (tensile strengths as above).


Automobile Clutches, Tolerance Rings, Bulldog Clips, Circlips, Chain Links, Hand Tools, Trimming Knife Blades...
Unique specifications are also available.

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