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Talon Hole Saws

Talon now supply Bi-Metal hole saws with a wide range in sizes from 14mm up to 210mm.

The Talon Bi-Metal Hole Saws are toothed HSS strips laser welded to a tough alloy body and disc. This precision manufactured Hole Saws that have outstanding strength, resilience and shatter resistance are manufactured in Bimetal M3 & 8% Cobalt grades.

A hole saw also known as a hole cutter, is a saw blade of a ring shape, whose annular kerf creates a hole in the workpiece without having to cut up the core material. It is used in a drill. Hole saws typically have a pilot drill bit (arbor) at their center to keep the saw teeth from walking. The fact that a hole saw creates the hole without needing to cut up the core often makes it preferable to twist drills or spade drills for relatively large holes. The same hole can be made faster and using less power.

The depth to which a hole saw can cut is limited by the depth of its cup-like shape. Most hole saws have a fairly short aspect ratio of diameter to depth, and they are used to cut through relatively thin workpieces. However, longer aspect ratios are available for applications that warrant them.

We also supply the following below:

Hole Saw Arbors:

  • Hex Shank - 9mm (3/8")
  • Quick Release, Hex Shank - 9mm (3/8")
  • Quick Release, Hex Shank - 11mm (11/16")

Hole Saw Kits:

  • General Purpose Kit
  • Mini-Electrician Kit
  • Electrician Kit
  • Mini-Plumber Kit
  • Plumber Kit
  • Plumber & Electrician Kit
  • Automotive Kit
  • Mini-Locksmith Kit
  • Locksmith Kit
  • Universal Kit

All these hole saw kits come with various hole saws sizes, 2 arbors & a carry case.